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Our Low Carb Frozen Meal Plan Bundles provide an easy and fuss-free way to go low carb and eat real food without having to do any of the cooking yourself.

Introducing our "Live Well" Low Carb Frozen Meal Plan Bundles

You can now enjoy the 21 most enjoyed recipes from the Low Carb Program, prepared fresh in small batches by chefs, using natural, real ingredients to help you stay below 130g of carbohydrates a day.

Our frozen ready meal plans will show you just how tasty and nutritious low carb can be - without leaving you hungry.

How does it work?

  1. Select Meat or Vegetarian meal plans
  2. Choose to receive meals for 5 or 7 days, 1 month or 12 weeks
  3. Eat 2 delicious ready meals each days for lunch and dinner (breakfast not included)

What's included?

Each meal plan bundle includes a range of preselected meals, with one meal for lunch and one meal for dinner per day.

You can then choose which meals you want to eat on which days depending on your lifestyle and your preferences on the day. Heat your meals in the oven or microwave and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please note that this meal plan is not prescriptive and that we always recommend seeking medical advice from a health care professional to discuss your individual circumstances before making any major changes to your diet. Please also note that these bundles CANNOT be made dairy-free, vegan, or pescatarian at the moment. 

Menus (and Nutritional Information)

Click on the menus below to see what’s included in each bundle:

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5 Day Bundle


7 Day Bundle


1 Month Bundle



All orders placed before 11am on Mondays will be dispatched for delivery once per week on Tuesdays and arrive with customers pre-noon Wednesday via DPD next day delivery. Any order after 11am Monday will be dispatched for delivery the following Tuesday. 

Meals will be delivered weekly for the 1 month and 12 week bundles. All orders placed before the 19th of April are pre-orders and will be dispatched on Tuesday 26th of April.

The meal plan bundles for 1 month and 12 weeks includes multiples of our 21 most popular meals.