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Small batch cooked ready meals, from our kitchen to your freezer

Low carb plant based, meat and fish ready meals

Locally sourced.
Low Carb.

Private health coaching

Expert support to help you hit your goals

Take the hassle out of eating healthy

Our delicious, healthy low carb recipes have been tried and tested to help you live your best low carb lifestyle. All meals are fully compliant with the Low Carb Program and are made from all natural, real ingredients.

Natural, real ingredients

Our chefs choose the best ingredients to create delicious meals. There's no preservatives, additives or hidden ingredients.

Nutritionist approved

Our team of dietitians and nutritionists developed all recipes to be compliant with the Low Carb Program and help you get started on your health journey.

Zero stress & hassle-free

With 21 meals to choose from, there's no more need for meal prepping. Simply add to cart and let our chefs do the work for you.

Convenient & cost effective

Simply select your meals for the week and get them delivered straight to your door while spending the same or less than you would on a weekly shop

The perfect back up

Keep your yourself stocked up

Whether it's because you don't have the time, or don't want to cook, our delicious ready meals are the perfect go-to healthy frozen meal to keep in your freezer.

Get healthy. Save time.

Discover the low carb recipes used by over 450,000 people to reduce their weight, improve blood glucose control, and reduce medications.

"Cooking from scratch is something we encourage on the Low Carb Program, but many of our members simply can't find the time. They tell me that they wish there was a reliable brand that made healthy, delicious ready meals, that taste just like they were homemade.

This is why our team developed these meals: to help people follow a healthy low carb lifestyle while eating high quality, flavoursome meals that are just delicious."

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