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Buy a one-year patient licence for the Low Carb Program for your patients with type 2 diabetes. Until November 30, get 2 licences for the price of 1.

On successful purchase, a Low Carb Program representative will call you to share implementation details including your licence codes and referral materials to share with colleagues and patients. 

How does it work?

Over the course of 12 weeks and beyond, patients are given the tools and support to implement small and sustainable lifestyle habits to achieve their health goals.

Patients receive personalised weekly meal plans and education, content curated just for them, and plenty of little nudges along the way to help stay on track.

There is then Classes - a library of expert coach led activities. Enjoy meditation classes, mindfulness classes, PT-led fitness classes and yoga classes based on fitness level.  

All patients are supported by a Health Coach who is always on hand to help, together with 470,00+ community members. Features include:

  • Multi-award-winning nutrition education with tailored bonus modules developed with Dr David Unwin
  • Take the hassle out of planning with weekly meal plans tailored to dietary preferences, allergies, likes and dislikes and a recipe library tailored to preferences
  • Set your nutrition targets and keep track of your food intake using a searchable food database, barcode scanner and food diary
  • Increase activity by tracking steps – connect to FitBit®, Apple Health, Google Fit or Nokia
  • Learn to handle difficult situations such as travelling, eating out and social occasions

After completing the core 12-week program, participants graduate to Maintain:

  • A searchable library of over 2,100 tried and tested recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Monthly education modules tailored to sustain health achievements
  • Daily updated curated content
  • Continued support from Health Coaches and community 

Peer-reviewed, published outcomes demonstrate that people with type 2 diabetes who complete the Low Carb Program lose an average of 7% of their body weight and reduce HbA1c by 13mmol/mol at 1-year. In addition, 40% of participants eliminate at least one diabetes medication from their treatment and 1 in 4 people achieves type 2 diabetes remission.