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Test your microbiome and understand you gut's bacterial composition.
  • Discover how bacteria can keep you healthy.
  • Recognise how diet influences gut flora
  • Understand micriobiome vitamin synthesis
  • Breakdown of dietary fibre and butyrate synthesis
  • Personalised food and meal suggestions
  • Report on probiotics and beneficial bacteria
  • Gluten and lactose metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory potential
  • A free 40-minute consultation with an Expert Nutritionist who specialises in gut health

Our bodies contain trillions of different types of microorganisms. The amount of DNA in your microbiome vastly outweighs the amount of human DNA in your body. In fact, the gut microbiota is regarded by scientists as a distinct organ.

The microbiome test will help you understand your:

  • Health
    Your microbiome health score, inflammation profile, and protection from 5 disease risks
  • Nutrition
    Proportion of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, vitamin and butyrate synthesis potential, microbiome diversity score, lactose and gluten metabolism
  • Foods
    Weekly personalised food recommendations to improve your microbiome health in 17 areas
  • Bacterial composition
    List of bacteria found in your microbiome (%) and what enterotype you belong to

How does it work

  • Collect a stool sample and send it back (free) for analysis
  • The DNA of your bacteria is analysed by our partners
  • Check out the results in your personal account and receive a full report
  • Optionally, speak to our expert nutritionist for personalised recommendations and advice. 

Receive a 40 minute coaching consultation appointment with an Expert Nutritionist who will help interpret your results and provide personalised feedback, guidance and support. You will receive a follow-up email with calendar link to book your coaching appointment at a time that suits you.